About Bistro 1902

Our Chef

About Bistro 1902

Bistro 1902 combines the quaint, familiar ambiance of French cafes with mouthwatering dishes and delectable dishes sure to please any picky palate.

Established in 2011 by Parisian born Karim Laitaoui and his wife, Morgane, Bistro 1902 is not only family-owned and operated, but notably embodies over 35 years experience in cooking authentic French cuisine within the fine dining establishments of Paris and surrounding areas of France.

The Chef

We invite lovers of great food and wine to experience the casual atmosphere and authentic, palatable French cuisine of family-owned and family-operated, Bistro 1902. When you dine with us, we cook for you as we would cook for ourselves.
Karim Laitaoui – Chef

Executif Chef and Owner. Karim’s culinary acumen stems not only from 15 years cooking abroad including stints in England, Canada, Mexico, London, Paris, Vancouver, New York and Guadalajara, but also from his childhood upbringing in Paris.

Chef Karim is joined by his wife, Morgane, and brother, Mel, whom bring a wealth of wine knowledge and fine dining expertise stretching from Paris to Montpellier to Lyon, the culinary capital of France ┬áto Bistro 1902 and its guests. They are on hand to guide your Bistro 1902 experience, especially wine and food selections. Remember, each wine is meticulously chosen to complement Bistro 1902’s classic French fare and priced to be enjoyed by the bottle. Bon appetite